Metallization is the deposition of aluminium thin film layer in a vacuum condition,
which allows to coat different types of products

Focus on metallization

Metallizing process

Metallization is an ecological, fast and clean process at room temperature. It is sustainable and environmentally friendly technology without water waste and any pollution emission.

Furthermore, it does not produce any hazardous materials and is free of chemical emissions. Kolzer® machine is equipped with a simple and user-friendly visual interface.

Operation cycle is automatic and software is capable to drive the processes according to the applications. Rich data base of recipes and easy to create new one!

As a result, products obtain bright, reflective, functional and elegant aspect.

Focus on processes

Respect to the environment, fast execution
and no waste

All the processes carried out by Kolzer® machines allow to coat any type of materials, offering an elegant appearance as well as improving resistance.

Our applications are totally ecological and has no environmental impact and are economically convenient.



Reduced cycle time

Reduced cycle time

High repeatability

High repeatability

Compatible with all 3D products

Compatible with all 3D products


  • Vehicle headlights, reflector and LED

  • Cosmetic and food packaging

  • Bottles and glass objects

  • Design and lifestyle products

  • Automotive components

  • Ornamental and decorative items

  • EMI / RFI shields

  • Fashion accessories

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