Sputtering, Metallization, Plasma Pecvd: Kolzer is a premier manufacturer of customer specific advanced vacuum coating systems…



PVD Sputtering processes enable almost unlimited production of coatings on any type of surface. The coating material is in the form of a metal plate...

Plasma Pecvd


Plasma refers to the forth condition of matter. Plasma is a partially or totally ionized gas. PECVD is a transparent coating with a barrier effect...



To overcome the limits of traditional chromium plating, Kolzer developed CLEAN CHROME PLATING by combined UV lacquering and PVD...

aprile 2011Since a long time Kolzer manufactures PVD sputtering equipment and provide the specific know-how to produce coatings in the field of fashion accessories, footwear, clothes, leather goods, buttons and components able to adapt functionality to trend and offers exclusive finishes and colors: solutions that take into account the productive, functional, economic and design aspects.

Deposition PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) machines that produce with no environmental impact, anti-allergic and biocompatible coatings in titanium, zirconium, chrome, brass, copper, alloys and precious metals.
Innovative coatings on different substrates, plastic, die-cast zinc alloy, natural materials, in order to increase product quality, with decorative purposes and high chemical-physical performances, to replace galvanic processes.

These kind of deposits, besides being able to get colors impossible to reach through traditional plating processes, have the characteristics of achieving excellent results regarding hardness, chemical inertness, wear and oxidation resistance, color fastness to UV and washing.
Rely on the experience of a company with 1000 machines already installed, the after-sales service, warranty, reliability and competitive price of equipment, provides more strength than their competitors for a lasting and affordable relationship.