Sputtering, Metallization, Plasma Pecvd: Kolzer is a premier manufacturer of customer specific advanced vacuum coating systems…



PVD Sputtering processes enable almost unlimited production of coatings on any type of surface. The coating material is in the form of a metal plate...

Plasma Pecvd


Plasma refers to the forth condition of matter. Plasma is a partially or totally ionized gas. PECVD is a transparent coating with a barrier effect...



To overcome the limits of traditional chromium plating, Kolzer developed CLEAN CHROME PLATING by combined UV lacquering and PVD...

agosto 2010The power of wellness within the company. Kolzer: a compelling story about the courage to do business where the human development process is strategic. Company humanism; The conduct in the company; Valorization of human resources; The employment relationship. Companies often rely on cutting staff or reducing the investment in R&D, but Kolzer attitude is different: qualified personnel can not be touched, on the contrary, with innovation, is the trump card for achieving new goals.

The investment on studies and technological research, the role of human resources and effort in training, are the company’s strengths to compete in national and international markets.
Kolzer combines traditional craftsmanship and innovation, not distributing dividends but reinvesting profits in the business. “We seek opportunities in new markets and diversify into new products. Retaining talent and desire for independence” said Mr. Antonio D'Esposito, responsible of new international projects.