Sputtering, Metallization, Plasma Pecvd: Kolzer is a premier manufacturer of customer specific advanced vacuum coating systems…



PVD Sputtering processes enable almost unlimited production of coatings on any type of surface. The coating material is in the form of a metal plate...

Plasma Pecvd


Plasma refers to the forth condition of matter. Plasma is a partially or totally ionized gas. PECVD is a transparent coating with a barrier effect...



To overcome the limits of traditional chromium plating, Kolzer developed CLEAN CHROME PLATING by combined UV lacquering and PVD...

KOLZER manufactures and supplies vacuum coating plants.

For over 60 years, Kolzer has built plant that redefine vacuum coating standards and capabilities from the iconic DGK36" to the supreme MK63".

It joined the field with an initial activity of assembling very complex vacuum systems and in 1952 it projected and constructed the first high vacuum deposition plant.

Today it has a strong well - established position as a leader on the European and world markets, the existance of more than 1000 KOLZER plants are testimony of this.

The KOLZER plants use vacuum (a condition of low pressure) and:

  •    Sources of condensable molecular or atomic vapors to deposit thin films and coatings (for surface finishings).
  •    Plasma sources (for surface modifications and reactions).

The vacuum condition is used not only to reduce the density of the gas particles but also to carry out the process in an uncontaminated environment. By establishing a controlled pressure, and if necessary emitting gas fluxes, the gas environment created can be in the form of a Plasma (party ionized gas).

The source of vapor can be in the form of a solid surface (physical vapor deposition - PVD), or liquid (chemical vapor deposition - CVD).

KOLZER produces a complete range of machinery, offering different types of processes:


Kolzer has always been dedicated to the improvement of its product, with more than half a century of investiments, research and development.

Great flexibility and care in joining the industrial logistics of production to the needs of the market enable KOLZER to create and supply systems of high quality, to suit and satisfy the criteria of a market which is in constant evolution.

KOLZER , in line with the requests of the market and of its clients, projects, produces and installs from the individual plant to the complete production line.

The objective and the company philosophy is to offer each client a “made to measure” solution.

In this way, it guarantees not only the operation of the plant but the whole production process, delivering a product that meets the requirements of the client.

KOLZER, together with the unquestioned reliability of the machinery produced and the degree of specialization of its technicians, makes a decisive contribution to industrial development in the use of vacuum coating technology.

The great tradition of machine construction and strong experience matured in the vacuum surface treatment sector; strengthens its role as LEADER in the vacuum field, acknowledged by the most famous international industries.

KOLZER, is involved in research and development activities with universities and international research centres to apply the solutions which will be tomorrow’s achievements.

Solutions which are already present today in the industrial world: Nanotechnology

Surface engineering, regarding atoms, has always been KOLZER’s starting point for the production of innovative coatings.

The objective is to develop functional nanostructured coatings, with manufacturing processes that are ecological, simple and at the same time economical.

KOLZER produce systems for industry in order to carry out the automation and feasibility of innovative processes, perfectly repeatable and obtaining superior levels of quality.

Economical processes which consume very little are in tune with today’s eco-friendly issues since the environmental impact is almost non-existent producing no production waste.

Always a step ahead, KOLZER staff consisting of researches, technicians, engineers and a world network of commercial support and technical assistance, form a “total quality project” in which more than 1000 systems have satisfied successful clients all over the world, who use the KOLZER systems, participate actively and profitably.

This combination of factors, keys to the success of the “total quality project”, have guided the company since its first steps.


KOLZER. Since 1952