Testimonianza Giuseppe Vasta

Testimonianza Giuseppe Vasta - KHATOD OPTOELECTRONIC

Giuseppe Vasta,
Group Ceo of Khatod Optoelectronic

I met Kolzer® a few years ago when we were looking for a company that could give us access to new technology, because at that time, we relied on external services with poor quality and logistics problems.

Our intention was to find a machine to install inside our production, or to dispose that type of production.
We contacted and visited several manufacturers, but all simply sold machines and it was not what we were looking for.
We wanted a partner who, with humility and patience, would understand our needs and guide us to the right choice, helping us to create a new area for PVD treatments inside the company.

By choosing Kolzer® for our products analysis and after-sales support, we have achieved our goal with a considerable advance on our forecasts.
After these years of using we appreciate the reliability of the machine, the simple and intuitive operation system and the excellent technical assistance service.
Furthermore, the experience at Kolzer® has changed our way of approaching suppliers, preferring the company's content in the first instance and, ultimately, the machine itself and its commercial aspects.


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