Testimonianza Gianluca Battiloro

Gianluca Battiloro - Sitim

Gianluca Battiloro,
General Manager of Sitim

Kolzer® "Excellence is never born by chance!"
SITIM started the project of ecological and added value PVD project in 2012, evaluating the technical and technological performances of the various manufacturers.

The result of our study led us to Kolzer®, where we found a great competence as well as considerable after-sales support and that is why we purchased the PVD machine from them.
Kolzer® is the only company on the market capable of supplying technologically cutting-edge, reliable systems, capable of very high performance, simple to manage and economically convenient, so as to be competitive even compared to the current galvanic plants.

Satisfied with the outcome and certain of an excellent synergy and collaboration, having already studied a second finishing plant, the Kolzer® is and will be the protagonist for us. We will purchase a second PVD machine capable of implementing our current production volumes, confident of their technical support especially with regard to continuous updates and technological developments on PVD processes.



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