Cromo esavalente

Chromium trioxide is definitively out of law!

Today CrVI-based finishes can be easily replaced by PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) technologies that provide the same quality, are cost-effective, are available to meet market demand and approved by all industries, including automotive.

Despite this, after the banning of this carcinogenic substance by the European Commission about 10 years ago, it was still used in derogation from the regulations issued, taking advantage of specific authorizations (in recent years the regulatory requirements to obtain authorization had become increasingly demanding) containing a series of conditions that are difficult to meet.

Referring to the recent press release dated 22/12/20 of CTACSub (CTAC Submission Consortium), the use of chromium trioxide (EC 215-607-8; CAS 1333-82-0) in the functional chrome plating sector with a decorative character has not been authorized, allowing the use of this substance limited to other specific fields (aeronautics and tinned steel passivation), and in any case only until 2024!

The above requires to abandon the use of this dangerous substance as soon as possible in favor of alternative "eco-friendly" and sustainable technologies, capable of guaranteeing the same, if not better, quality levels of the finishes, at lower costs, thus bringing further Energy saving and benefits for the environment.

KOLZER, thanks also to the experience gained during the participation in the Alliance of PVD suppliers (APP - Alliance of PVD Providers), by presenting a manifesto at ECHA in 2018, is available to support the companies interested in this "green transition ”(The European Union is committed to becoming the first block of countries in the world with zero climate impact by 2050) towards PVD technology.

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