Precious wedding

A new dress for materials
Sputtering applied to various materials ennobles Silvan’s creations, a silverware company from Veneto - Italy, founded in 1962 ( ). Few months after installing a new conception sputtering plant in order to deposit precious metals, the company is witnessing a revolution in a field as closely linked to tradition as silverware is.

With processes dedicated to this field, it is possible to deposit precious metals on materials of any nature, shape and size, and to selectively deposit them.
Silvan’s new collection, ARGENESI, presented at MACEF/HOMI Show in Milan, was the most innovative and creative, and the one that among exhibiting companies gained greatest success at the event.

Gold on the skin
What previously said, shows that also precious metals can conveniently be applied through sputtering, and not only among goldsmith and silverware industries, but also following new market trends, strongly linked to designers. It is possible, for example, to cover leather with a thin film of gold, maintaining flexibility, and ensuring adhesion to the surface, or to deposit pure silver onto glass, wax, wood, plastic.


The metal films deposited with sputtering are very thin and pure, and this is reflected on production costs which are extremely low, and on zero environmental impact, thus meeting needs of economy requested by companies and new sense of innovation necessary to stimulate new markets.

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