DGK24” RF PECVD for the Scandinavian DTI

The biggest technological research centre in Scandinavia with their 900 engineers and scientists, the DTI Danish Teknological Institute located in Taastrup, Copenaghen-Denmark, started up a new Kolzer plant for PECVD process. The system will be involved in R&D and small scale production of components with the new flexible transparent barrier coating, silicon based, with a DGK24” equipped for PECVD process.

Installed plant in China for Altay Scientific SpA

Altay Scientific is a leading company in the global market for science education. Kolzer provided them with a DGK36” sputtering plant equipped with plasma cleaning, in order to replace the galvanic process used to produce their plastic and metal component, to be installed in their factory based in China. The DGK36” is the most sold Kolzer machine, with its coating chamber diameter of 1000mm.

Sold to Agusta Westland second plant

After winning a notice of competition in the 70’s, Kolzer won again this year and manufactured a DGK24” plant for vacuum cadmium plating of helicopter components for AGUSTA WESTLAND – well-known worldwide manufacturer of helicopters.

Kolzer for C.S.I. Crime Scene Investigation

Commissioned by the EU, the Kolzer staff developed a new co-evaporation system for latent fingerprints on a DGK24” for the Turkish criminal police, in order to note latent fingerprints on evidence found on crime scenes. Delivered and already up and running in order to Strengthen the Police Forensic Capacity.


New DGK36” HTC I-Chrome- work in progress, people in process

In the laboratory KR&D, Kolzer’s service for the innovation and standardization, which allows to experiment on products of interested companies, new nanotechnology coatings PVD, Plasma and Sputtering (a project already joined by companies like Ferrari Car, Brembo, Illy, BTicino, De Longhi, Philips, Valeo, Banca d’Italia, Bang&Olufsen, Lavazza, Fiat, Gewiss, YKK, Vimar), today has been installed the new DGK36” HTC I-Chrome, the favourite of the DGK series.


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