Plasma PECVD

Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD) is a transparent thin film
obtained in vacuum which offers a perfect chemical protection to the substrate

Focus on PECVD

PECVD Plasma coatings

PECVD is an invisible barrier-effect coating obtained at room temperature, compatible with all the substrates. It is flexible, anti-adhesive, anti-scale, anti-scratch, anti-wear and non-stick.

As it is chemically inert, it is also suitable for direct food contact. Thanks to this process original surfaces obtain new improved chemical performance, maintaining the same mechanical and physical characteristics.

Our Plasma application is eco-friendly technology. Machines project and produce by Kolzer are perfect for pre-treatments of the products after painting, gluing, lamination, spreading and decoration, modifying chemical structure of the surface without any physical alteration.

Focus on processes

Environmentally friendly,
fast execution and no waste

All the processes carried out by Kolzer® machines allow to coat any type of materials, offering an elegant and at the same time resistant appearance.

Our processes are totally ecological and have no environmental impact and are economically competitive.



Reduced cycle time

Reduced cycle time

High repeatability

High repeatability

Compatible with all 3D products

Compatible with all 3D products


  • Electronic devices

  • Medical devices

  • Metal products

  • Lighting

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