KOLZER PVD metal coating for Autonomous Driving

The self-driving cars is the future of the auto sector, transforming the automotive industry and everyday life of all of us.
The car body needs finishes with high degree of transparency, because the vehicles must be able to reliably perceive their surroundings via sensors that are hidden from view.

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Kolzer anti-fingerprint coating (AF)

Fingerprints daily imprint on any surface of an object and are very difficult to remove, causing poor appearance and negatively affecting durability.
KOLZER AF® Coating new technology allows to coat a substrate with a thin and transparent nanostructured and super-hydrophobic film, giving it Anti-Fingerprint characteristics.

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Sputtering metal

The fabric becomes metal

Sputtering is a revolutionary new treatment for fabrics, to make them more functional. The metallic coating on fabric with Sputtering is very thin, only 20nm, and is obtained by bombarding the metal with a beam of particles or ions.

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