Products evolution through the surfaces

A revolution in the new product development by means of surfaces: a new company faces the greatest challenge with Kolzer technology. The surrounding world is populated by products that interacts with us and the ambient through their surfaces. If we create the conditions needed to remove the constrains to utilize the same material, a significant number of innovative alternatives becomes available for the products. This is even more important as the facts of everyday life indicate the need of a radical change in our habits.

This is the philosophy of our new customers, that qualifies itself not only for the capability to provide surface treatments at the highest quality level, but more importantly for his ability to work with companies that are asking for surface solutions that can provide better performances and exclusive aesthetical characteristics.

Our customers utilize Kolzer technology to modify the nanostructure of the surfaces in order to permit the use of alternative materials in the products: at this regard the company positions itself as a reference in this market at European level.
We install operative and very advanced plant that has the most advanced technologies for the preparation and structural modification of material surfaces and can satisfy any request of development and sampling for any kind of material.
PVD magnetron sputtering and PECVD treatments are provided by a Kolzer DGK36” unit.

“… may be that the possibility to rethink the products with alternative materials will contribute to transform the pain associated to the inevitable change in the opportunity to build a better future”

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